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NEW RELEASE! Export Shipping & Order Information version 1.2.1 Contribution

Here we go. The next version of my Shipping and Order Export contribution is now ready for download.

Thanks for the valuable feedback on version 1.2.0.

A number of your concerns and questions have been address in this release, and a number of bugfixes have also been included for the previous version. So, if you have any previous version of my shipping modules, you’ll definitely want to download this one to get the most stable release.

Once again, I have reworked to allow more user flexibility.

A screenshot of the version 1.2.1 is below:

How to Download Version 1.2.1
You can download this new version by clicking here. You will be taken to my downloads page where you can select the new 1.2.1 version.

Bugfixes Included in Version 1.2.1

  1. Text qualifier (quote) ” added to eliminate records breaking to a new line when a comma was present (mainly in addresses).
  2. Corrected issues with multiple lines being exported when more than one comment was present for an order. Now only the first comment is exported with the list. This is typically the comment that the customer left while placing the order the first time.
  3. Corrected issues with order comments that span multiple lines throwing export off.

New Features for Version 1.2.1

Complete Contribution Features

Upgrading from previous versions

For those of you upgrading from a previous version, simply overwrite all files from the previous version when asked. That’s all.

A link to a video tutorial on how to use this module can be found in the “Video Tutorials” section of this site.


Post any comments or questions on the module below.

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