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E-Commerce Optimization and Marketing

Just a quick post here to update all the readers and newcomers to this blog (thanks and welcome to you all.)

Today I decided to change the title of the blog from “Zen Cart Optimization and Marketing” to “E-Commerce Optimization and Marketing” for obvious reasons.

As many of you have already discovered, the information I post in this blog works for and applies to anyone running an e-commerce website, no matter what platform you have chosen.

I just happen to have chosen Zen Cart as my preferred open source shopping cart platform for the subject of most of my examples because of its robust and stable back-end, and because I have been an avid user of that system for many years now.

Having said that, if you are thinking of starting an e-commerce website, and are looking for an open source solution that has all the features to succeed, as well as an active developer community, then you should really consider Zen Cart.

I will continue to focus on Zen Cart specifics as my choice for open source shopping carts, however, many of the past and future posts (such as the most recent post Shipping Promotions That Drive More Sales) reveal information that will work for you no matter what e-commerce platform you are running on.

I also updated the former “General” category to now read “E-Commerce Optimization for Everyone“. That category was originally used to house any posts that were applicable to all e-commerce users anyhow (not just Zen Cart specific), and the name change made sense for usability purposes.

And finally, I updated the search function on the site to help you find what you are looking for better. Now, using the Google platform as the search back-end, the results you receive should be more relevant, and provide you with a wealth of additional information that may have been hidden from view with the previous search function.

With the new search function, you can search the vast content available to you on this website alone, or search the entire Internet looking for the information you desire. Again, hopefully the results provide you with even more relevant information to help you increase conversion from your online store.

To Your Success,

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