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14 Things You Should Know About Most Online Consumers

For e-commerce businesses, consumers are the lifeblood of your online success.

Treat them well, and you’ll be rewarded. Treat them bad, you’ll feel it in your pocketbook.

Here are 14 important things you need to know about online consumers.

  1. They generally make initial decisions in 8 seconds or less
  2. They want things presented in a simple manner (following the KISS “Keep it Simple Stupid” principle will go a long way)
  3. They will buy from you if you fill their need, provide credibility, and make it easy for them to checkout
  4. They want things fast
  5. They expect at least one of the shipping options to be “free shipping”
  6. They can help grow your business virally because they tell friends
  7. They equally can destroy your business overnight with a bad customer experience
  8. They like clear instructions on how to checkout
  9. They like to see phone numbers, it provides a measure of customer assurance and credability
  10. They don’t like forced pop-up “live / chat” options pushed to them but they expect to be able to easily find out how to ask for help if they need it.
  11. They expect to see shipping rates clearly disclosed before they add items to their cart.
  12. They expect secure checkout (duh). Make sure you clearly display the SSL Cert within user eye flow to satisfy their need.
  13. Unless your product is totally unique, one of a kind, they can always buy it from someone else. Give them a reason to buy it from you.
  14. They like to know how your product is going to benefit THEM, not how it is going to benefit you.
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