Before You Create Your Facebook Page: Is your Name or Material Copyrighted or Trademarked?

Written by  September 21, 2009

Do you own the copyright or trademark to your site’s name?

Make sure you do before you create your Facebook Fan Page or else you may be at risk for losing your page.

Facebook takes its Intellectual Property and Copyright policy very seriously. Anyone from your biggest rival to an unhappy customer can submit a claim that you’ve violated Intellectual Property and have your page taken down.

It sounds sinister, but it’s true.

If you’ve created a Facebook page, be sure to check out Facebook’s Policy on Intellectual Property and Copyright available at

If a user believes your Fan Page name – or your site’s name – infringes on their copyright or intellectual copyright, they can complete a DMCA notice after which your Facebook Fan Page can (and might) be taken down. If this happens, you will lose all fan page members and a means to communicate with them. Unless you are a repeat offender, your personal page should not be affected.

How can you be sure Fan Page isn’t taken down?

Due Dilligence.

Be sure you own the copyright or trademark to your site’s name. If your page is marked as one to be taken down, the folks at Facebook will contact you and you have the right to contest the removal. Proving you own the copyright should be enough proof for Facebook to reinstate your page.

However, if you do not own the copyright or trademark (or are in the process), you’ll need to find an alternative means to promote yourself online.

It should be noted as well that these same policies work if you feel someone is violating your copyright or trademark. You too can submit a report an have someone’s page taken down.

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