Google Introduces Adwords Comparison Ads

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Google has been on a streak lately with new releases (just in time for the holidays).

Recently they introduced comparison ads for Adwords. Think of it as “Comparison Shopping” but directly built into the ads themselves (photos and more details at the above link.)

Currently, Comparison Ads will only show to a small number of users in select U.S. states and is only available to a limited number of advertisers in the mortgage/refinance space, but this is something that as it develops would be very interesting to see where it goes.

Still in the early stage, Comparison Ads attempts to focus on improving the user experience through:

  • Speed — Comparison Ads shows targeted offers in less than a second. There are no long forms for users to fill out – Users see specific offers immediately and only need to fill in additional information if they wish to further refine their results.
  • Transparency — Comparison Ads only shows real products. There are no teaser rates, or bait and switch offers. Comparison Ads also standardizes the information presented to users, making it easy for them to sort and compare offers on a side by side basis.
  • Privacy — Comparison Ads won’t send advertisers any user information, including anonymized phone numbers, unless the user explicitly requests more information about an advertiser’s offer.

Google says that Comparison Ads let users compare multiple, relevant offers more easily and help target your offers at a more granular level, leading to more valuable, qualified leads.

Not sure how this will play out over time but it seems worth watching.

Google Commerce Search Unveiled

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This is something new and I have not tried it yet but I still thought it was interesting enough to bring forward here.

Google recently unveiled a new Ecommerce Search Solution. It looks to be geared toward big ecommerce retailers and the pricing scheme for it will depend on the number of products/items on businesses’ data feed and search queries.

The Official Google Blog says Commerce Search aims to make the otherwise cumbersome task of searching for products on e-commerce sites easier and more fun.

The features Commerce Search provides are as follows:

  • Lightning fast Google searching technology applied to retailers databases enabling consumers to find the right products in a snap
  • Scalable hosted solution that aims to increase seasonal query volume
  • Search refinement functionality that can automatically generate groupings based on user query and matching items
  • Easily manageable product promotions that provides complete control to marketers and e-commerce site administrators
  • Full customization option for controlling how products are displayed on search results landing pages
  • No additional adminstrative cost for deployment and maintenance
  • Customized reporting and statistical analysis via integrated Google Analytics

Information on Commerce Search it can be found here:

If anyone has had any experience with this new tool I’d love to hear about it. What are your thoughts?

Top 10 Days for Sending Holiday Emails

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Just read a great white paper from iContact that listed out the top 10 days to send holiday emails (dates based on 2009 calendar so note that some days may actually change from year to year but the principle is the same.) Nice timing and I thought I’d pass them along to you:

Monday after Halloween
Nov 2nd

Day before Thanksgiving
Nov 25th

Black Friday
Nov 27th

Cyber Monday
Nov 30th

First Friday in December
Dec 4th

Second Friday in December
Dec 11th

Friday before Christmas
Dec 18th

Monday before Christmas
Dec 21st

Day after Christmas
Dec 26th

Monday after Christmas
Dec 28th

Don’t wait to get started. Plan your emails now to ensure you are ready to take advantage of each.

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