30% Off Celebration. Ecommerce Amplifier is Turning One.

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Happy Cyber Monday!

Wow, It’s been a full year since I launched Ecommerce Amplifier (the days fly by so fast) and since that time I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped online stores in over 5 different countries increase their sales, and gain higher conversion rates (precisely what the system was built to do.)

It’s been an exciting ride so far, and the retailers who have entered the system have been equally excited. Together we’ve been able to successfully guide online stores of all shapes and sizes to do what they were having trouble with before–increase traffic, generate more sales, and build solid ecommerce businesses that will stand the test of time.

A number of things have been improved since the first launch, the system refined, resources added based on member feedback, and we’ve now got both Basic and Premium Levels of Membership.

As part of the expansion, I’ve recently created an Ecommerce Amplifier Facebook Page to keep everyone up-to-date on any industry happenings that surround ecommerce in general and the site itself. Be sure to become a fan of that so you don’t miss out on any of the latest updates there.

The ‘to-do’ list for 2011 is shaping up nicely, and as we continue to expand, you’ll find even more tools, resources, and information to help you build your business.

Limited Time 30% Off Special

Now on to what you’ve been waiting for. To celebrate the birthday of the site I’m offering a Limited Time Special on all Premium Memberships. Until Midnight, December 9, 2010, anyone who becomes a Premium member will receive 30% off the normal monthly investment.

Here are what some current members are saying:

“After 7 years in business it was time to have a fresh set of eyes, expert eyes take a look at our site and help us to improve our business. After coasting along for a couple of years, trying a few new things but having no change in our conversion rate, I finally decided to jump in and give Eric a try and see what he could do for us. After becoming and Ecommerce Amplifier member, Eric did a thorough review of our site and made many recommendations, most of which I had no idea that we needed to implement…things we never would have thought of on my own. I am pleased to report that, after implementing all of the updates that were recommended, our sales having increased dramatically and that our conversion rate and profits have doubled. Our business has finally taken off and is keeping us busy and I give Eric total credit for his expert business advice and coaching. Thanks again Eric. You are the best!”

~ Amy McCoy (Premium Member)

“Your insight has taken our orders from 40 to 45 a week last July to 83 last week. We are hitting 20+ orders a day now. I hope to launch another 2 stores using your ideas and tips and double or triple what we did last year. I could not have done it without you. You have transformed us from a struggling store into a successful business.”

~Sean Taft (Premium Member)

So if you’ve been considering doing something good for your business and planning for 2011, now is the time to get on board (once this special 30% offer is over it’s over—no exceptions.)

Find out more about how Ecommerce Amplifier can help you increase your online sales. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m hear to answer them.

Until next time … happy selling!

Helpful Ecommerce Holiday Tips and Strategies

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With the holidays revving up I thought I would bring back a few older articles I wrote which tend to get buried beneath the rest of the articles here. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ve provided links to them below.

Complete Ecommerce Holiday Checklist
This article provides a checklist of 10 items you need to consider while preparing your store for the holidays. From technical considerations to social media and even simple navigational tweaks that help drive sales; this list covers them all.

Top 10 Days for Sending Out Holiday Emails
Quick listing of the top ten days for sending out emails. A handy reference for planning some of your email promotional and follow-up campaigns. These days are traditionally big days, so you also may want to consider testing other days when email volumes are lighter (possibly better ensuring your message doesn’t get hidden under a stack of other emails!)

Thanksgiving Signals Black Friday
This article provides information on what Black Friday is and how it started. It also provides a little information on a similar online ‘holiday’ called Cyber Monday. Links are provided in the article to help you gather more info on each and determine how you can use them to boost your sales.

Six Promotional Ideas You Can Use for Cyber Monday
10 ideas and strategies to get your brain stirring about how you can take advantage of the Cyber Monday craze, driving more visitors to your site, and increasing your slice of pie during the holiday shopping frenzy.

10 Ecommerce Shipping Best Practices
It’s no surprise that shoppers like free shipping. It’s a buzz term that gets shoppers excited and puts stars in their eyes. But did you know that during the holidays, shoppers put free shipping very high on their list of ‘what makes them want to buy?’

It’s true. A lot of buying decisions are made during the holidays based on the availability of free shipping or not. Shoppers even go so far as to search for ‘free shipping’ offers across the internet.

In this article you’ll learn ten best practices to help you fine tune your shipping and win more customers this holiday season (and throughout the year.)

More Interesting Info on Mobile Commerce

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mobile-growthKeeping with the theme of my previous article on Mobile Commerce, I recently read a number of news items that bring to light even more, the big opportunity there is in moving toward a mobile marketplace. I wanted to summarize the findings for you below.

Mobile Users Prefer Mobile Web Over Mobile Apps

Mobile commerce (a.k.a M-Commerce) is such a rapidly growing segment I wanted to follow up my previous post with more on what is going on in this industry segment.

eMarketer recently released data that detailed a poll by Keynote Systems for Adobe. The poll results revealed that although the rage is on mobile ‘apps’ more consumers prefer mobile browsers to access the majority of mobile content. The only segments that preferred to download an app to access the internet over using a browser were those that related to games, music, or social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc…)

When it came to the retail category, the data showed that nearly all shopping tasks listed had those polled overwhelmingly preferring the use of mobile access for each task. From price and product comparison shopping to sharing the finds socially, most of the mobile users preferred using a browser rather than a dedicated app for navigating.

On the contrary, although mobile consumers did say they prefer the mobile browser to the mobile app for a number of shopping tasks, they also indicated they preferred using the non-mobile version of the website to actually shop when ready. When asked why this was the case, the respondents suggested a “low awareness of optimized experiences for the mobile web” (i.e. many sites are not easy to navigate when viewed on a mobile device—quite likely because the stores have not invested in a mobile version. I touched upon this very concept in my last article.

When asked, the vice president of ecommerce at Kenneth Cole Productions, Tom Davis, said “this year we expect to put our toe in the water, but we expect sales driven by mobile devices to be bigger than some of our brick-and-mortar stores.”

PayPal Unveils Mobile Express Checkout

On a similar note, PayPal recently unveiled its two-click mobile payment system called Mobile Express Checkout. They have been working on this for sometime, and now it’s ready for ‘live’ BETA testing.

With this new system, PayPal feels they have found a viable solution to a long standing problem—that being finding a balance between security and ease of use among mobile users and apps. So far the BETA testers have reported very promising results even going so far as showing double digit sales growth from their mobile stores since implementing the feature. By early 2011, PayPal plans to give Mobile Checkout Express merchants the ability to not only accept PayPal payments, but accept credit cards as well.

Here is an example of how it could be used by retailers. One of PayPal’s initial partners, Starbucks, is going to make it easy for customers to reload their Starbucks card from within the company’s iPhone app.

Mobile is as Prevalent as TV

In another report by ABI Research, it is reported that 5 billion of the world’s 6.7 billion people have active subscriptions to mobile devices. This is an astonishing fact that further shows mobile devices are as common as the television set.

ABI further reports that with the introduction of high-speed 4G data technologies, subscription growth rates should stay strong even in regions which are considered ‘hyper-saturated”. In fact, by 2015, it is expected that 6.4 billion people will have mobile subscriptions and at that time, 169 million of them will be to 4G technologies.

With the rapid growth of this technology and its usage rates, mobile marketers have enormous opportunity in front of them now and on the horizon.