Useful Facebook Tabs for Ecommerce Retailers

December 9, 2010 by  
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Retailer’s are finding a lot of ways to use Facebook these days for presenting products and offers to their fan base. I’ve seen some really nice implementations over time and wanted to post a few links to tabs you might want to consider for your Facebook fan page.

Not all of these are free apps, yet if they fit your needs and budget, they could be more than worth the investment.


This application was developed by Shop Tab LLC. and enables you to add a store to your Facebook fan page. Your products are presented and when a purchase is initiated, the customer is take directly to your site to complete the order.

This application also provides an automated data feed feature (much like Google Base) for quickly updating the content on the ShopTab. To do this, simply log into the ShopTab admin and under the data feed tab you’ll be able to schedule weekly updates as needed.

Example Store: The Tackle Box

On YouTube: Sample YouTube Video

Shop Now Tab

Developed by Payvment, Inc., this option boasts features like easy setup (under 15 minutes), product management, admin interface built into Facebook, integrated payment / revenue system, integrated order management, as well as marketing and promotion options to name a few.

Example Stores: Payvment Sample Store, Game Intern
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