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Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability Detection and Correction

For those who may not know, I write most of my posts over at one of my newer sites The Ecommerce Expert now. Most of my activity has moved there so be sure to head on over and subscribe to get the latest updates.

With that said, I thought it would be important to post a link to a new article I just wrote over there that deals with what is being called the biggest security threat on the internet to date. The Heartbleed bug affects servers / sites that utilize OpenSSL and that translates to just about 66% of the internet. It is a major problem and you need to make sure you check your server and site to find out if you are affected by it. Basically, the Heartbleed bug can allow attackers to snag personal information including credit card numbers and passwords on any affected site … just by having the users login to that site.

I’ve listed a handy tool that helps you scan your security certificate / site for the vulnerability along with links to sites that are keeping you up-to-date on what major players have been affected. Read more over at The Ecommerce Expert–How to Detect and Fix the Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability.

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