Google Commerce Search Unveiled

November 6, 2009 by  
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This is something new and I have not tried it yet but I still thought it was interesting enough to bring forward here.

Google recently unveiled a new Ecommerce Search Solution. It looks to be geared toward big ecommerce retailers and the pricing scheme for it will depend on the number of products/items on businesses’ data feed and search queries.

The Official Google Blog says Commerce Search aims to make the otherwise cumbersome task of searching for products on e-commerce sites easier and more fun.

The features Commerce Search provides are as follows:

  • Lightning fast Google searching technology applied to retailers databases enabling consumers to find the right products in a snap
  • Scalable hosted solution that aims to increase seasonal query volume
  • Search refinement functionality that can automatically generate groupings based on user query and matching items
  • Easily manageable product promotions that provides complete control to marketers and e-commerce site administrators
  • Full customization option for controlling how products are displayed on search results landing pages
  • No additional adminstrative cost for deployment and maintenance
  • Customized reporting and statistical analysis via integrated Google Analytics

Information on Commerce Search it can be found here:

If anyone has had any experience with this new tool I’d love to hear about it. What are your thoughts?