New Release: Export Shipping and Order Information v1.2.4 for Zen Cart

For those who follow my Zen Cart add on modules I just released a new version of the popular Export Shipping and Order Information add on. The new version is 1.2.4 and contains a bugfix as well as a new feature.

Specific updates included with this release are:

Bugfix: Corrected issues with export button not showing up on some users installs. (if you made any manual fixes to this yourself based on the forum feedback suggestions you’ll want to upgrade to this new version as the changes suggested by others in the forum were not accurate.)

New Feature: Added the ability to export the ISO country code (both 2 character and 3 character) per request.

You can get the contribution from either of these locations:

My downloads page

Zen Cart download page

Zen Cart: Catchable Fatal Error in html_output.php

October 15, 2008 by  
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I’ve been contacted recently by a number of Zen Cart users who are experiencing on occasion, an error similar to the following while working in the administrative section of their sites.

Catchable fatal error: Object of class queryFactoryResult could not be converted to string in … html_output.php

The problem you are experiencing stems from leftover legacy code that is incompatible with PHP5.

Here are two links that will help you understand and correct the issue.

An interim workaround has been provided by the Zen Cart team. The link to the files which solve this issue are provided here.