Google Introduces Custom Reporting

Written by  November 8, 2008

While managing campaigns here the other day I was happy to see the addition of two new features within Google Analytics.

  • Custom Reporting BETA
  • Advanced Segmentation BETA

Each option enables the end user to have more flexibility in developing and then saving reports vital to the success of their business. You can develop reports by simply dragging and dropping metrics and dimensions into what I’ll call a “palette”.

Both items are in BETA stage at this point but I immediately jumped in and developed a few reports to see what exactly can be done with these, and was happy to find that you can generate some nice reports that typically you would have to dig for under normal conditions.

A few screenshots of the interface are below for reference.

The first image below shows the location of the new custom reporting link.
Google Analytics Custom Reporting

The next image shows the link result of a custom report that was generated and saved for easy access later.
Google Analytics Custom Reporting

The new advanced segmentation feature (link location shown below) enables you to segment your data by various visitor types, traffic types, and more. This flexibility can further help you narrow down those visitors or traffic channels which contribute most to the success of your business.
Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation

A complete breakdown of the current segmentation options available are shown in the screenshot below.
Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation

There is no doubt that the addition of this form of custom reporting to Google Analytics will further enable users to get at the data they need to make informed decisions about their business.

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