Unexpected Customer Appreciation Hits the Spot

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Today I went to the post office to check the mailbox and found a nice albeit unexpected surprise waiting for me.

Let me briefly set the stage. I write and contribute a number of monthly articles for both online and offline publishers and have been doing this for sometime now. One of those online publishers EzineArticles.com knows a little something about customer appreciation.

EzineArticle.com Expert Author GiftI get to the post office and along with the other mail I find a small square box with the Ezine Articles logo on the outside. My curiosity is piqued by now and I’m wondering what I ordered?

I open the box and to my surprise I see a nice coffee mug, a bag of coffee, and a note thanking me for being a part of the community and contributing to Ezine Articles.

Ecommerce store owners take note—this type of pro-active customer interaction works! I’m not saying you have to send free gifts to all your customers, but I have said in previous posts that a simple and unexpected hand written note or “bonus” here and there won’t hurt. It builds loyal customers not to mention happy customers.

Not that I needed it to keep writing for them, but it certainly cemented my relationship with Ezine Articles.

Do you reward or surprise your customers? If so how? If not, why? Part of customer retention is keeping your current customers happy. What would happen if you sent an unexpected gift to your current top customers? I’m sure the impact of that small gesture would reach far beyond what you think.

Just look at this case, EzineArticles.com probably had no intention of getting mentioned for their efforts. But their simple gesture of appreciation did just that.

Thanks guys!

Move to new Server Complete

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Just a quick notice here that the move to the new server is now complete. Some of you may notice periodic inaccessibility while the new server information propagates throughout the Internet. This can take between 24 and 48 hours at times.

The move was needed in order to keep up with the growth of the site. The new server should be faster and provides for greater flexibility as well as scalability. Both important features going into the future.

Thanks for your continued interest. I’ve got a number of exciting items planned for this year and as always, look forward to providing you with revealing new information that helps you build your business.

New Design Released This Morning

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As you can see, I’ve finally got my new design in place for the site this morning. I developed as much of it as I could on a test server, but the only true way to find how it operates was to launch it and work with the minor alterations that may come up as I see fit.

I have noticed a few posts might need to be realigned etc… and in some cases a few headlines etc… will also need adjustment (not to mention a number of other items).

I will be adding a number of items and moving others around over the coming weeks to make room for some exciting new elements that are going to be added to bring you even more content that will help you grow your ecommerce business.

Bare with me as I work out any kinks that may arise and feel free to drop me a line if you see anything that needs tweaking. There is about 2 years worth of content here and it would take me forever to get to it all.

To your success!

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