Last Chance for 50% off Ecommerce Amplifier

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Just a reminder here. Today is the last chance you have to get 50% off your first month as a member of my exclusive online coaching program Ecommerce Amplifier.

If you’re still on the fence thinking about it, now would be a good time to take advantage of my proven system. Remember, this is a month to month program (no long term commitments) that you can easily cancel at any time from within your members area so you have nothing to risk (but so much to gain.) My system works with any shopping cart system you are using (open source, custom, hosted solutions, etc…), and don’t forget, as a member you get access to me as your personal mentor to help guide you toward success with your ecommerce business.

This offer is strictly limited and the 50% off coupon expires tonight. Once it expires the offer is closed. No exceptions.

Current store owners that have been a part of the system have seen fantastic results and continue to rave about it. Here are a few testimonials:

"This is The Real Deal"

"I find that there is a lot of professional know all’s and “crapologists” in the ecommerce game with a lot of theories and potential’s at the end of the day. There are very few who have the runs on the board. What I like about you, your news letters, website’s and emails is that this is what I need to understand the in’s and out’s and be good at what I do.

I am not the designer or techno person in the back I am the driver of the bus and have to make decisions on how, where and when we are going to get there. I am more interested in how we can sell goods and services online.

I joined this site as I believe what you do and tell us is factual and usable as you have runs on the board.

Thanks for your support."



"Doubled Our Sales in Just 4 Months!"

"Well. I am swamped with orders and cannot do anymore work on my sites for now! I am having to work and keep production going and hired a helper full time (he was part time until a month ago). Your insight (which I only implemented some of the video review so far) has taken our orders from 40 to 45 a week last July to 83 last week. We are now hitting 20+ orders a day now (last Friday and then again Sunday). I hope to launch another 2 sites using your ideas and tips and hope to double or triple what we did last year. I could not have done it without you. You have taken us from struggling to a reality of owning a successful business.

I am trying to talk one of my friends into joining your site. I hope to get him to join up soon!"

Sean Taft

"My Conversion Rate Jumped in Just 7 Days…"

"Quick follow up…

As you know, I implemented all of the suggestions in the video review about a week and a half ago.

My conversion rate for the last 7 days has climbed to 3.86%!

I’m going to keep plugging away at the weekly lessons and hopefully that will help increase traffic and maybe nudge that number up a little more.

Thank you!!!"

Sarah Taylor-Salamaca

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Let’s build your business together.

See you on the inside.

How to use Google Analytics to Track Your First Time and Return Visit Buyers

More on advanced reporting with Google Analytics here.

Because your website is only as good as your ability to convert visitors into buyers, the following two advanced segment reports in Google Analytics will help you capture your first time visitor/buyers into repeat visitor/buyers. Follow the selections on the screen shots to set up your own site-specific reports.

First time buyer
This particular report can help you understand what motivated visitors to buy on their first visit. What you learn from this report can help you to motivate future new visitors to purchase in as few visits as possible.


Return visit buyers
You can use the return visit buyer reporting tool to understand your returning visitor’s behavior. If they didn’t buy on the first visit, use the data in the report to optimize your site or process to ensure you convert visitors to purchases sooner.


Ecommerce Amplifier Coupon Code Issue

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Just a quick note here. Anyone that tried to join my online coaching program Ecommerce Amplifier yesterday with the 50% off coupon code may have got a message saying “the coupon cannot be used yet.” This was a temporary issue and has now been resolved.

If you tried to register during that time you can try again anytime again before the expiration date using that coupon and you should now get 50% off the first month as expected. I have also extended the offer one extra day due to this issue.

See you on the inside!

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